The ultimate Remote Control RCP-2001-B - for supreme creativity!

The new remote control RCP-2001-B has the "look & feel" of a conventional Hardware-Dual-CD-Player and allows the control of all functions of the BPM Studio Pro 4 software.
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional user, any DJ will be impressed by the many features this comfortable remote control offers.

The modern design and the simple organisation of the control surface enhances the joy to experiment and the creative potential of the DJ - the RCP-1001 revolutionizes the digital MP3 music processing.

Technical Specifications of the Remote Control RCP-2001-B

The unique BPM Pitch Wheel

The remote control RCP-2001-B is equipped with an unique feature - the BPM Pitch Wheel!

As first manufacturer ALCATech offers the RCP-2001-B with Pitch Wheels.

The advantages of the Pitch Wheels are:
  • Infinitely variable Pitch range (von 4-52%)
  • Precise change of Pitch-Values in 0.1%-Steps
  • Fast Reset of the Pitch-Value to 0 by keystroket
  • BPM Matching by keystroke (as the Wheel has no tight position)
  • Pitch-Value changes are possible via the software and the remote control
  • Upon connection of 2 RCP-2001-B full synchronization of the remote controls

With the Pitch Wheel a DJ has a modern control and complete certainty that
the regulation of the pitch and tempo is easely done and precise.

Clearly arranged VFD Displays

All of the respective parameters and the operation mode of the player are displayed In the VFD display:
  • Number of the title of the loaded Track
  • NEXT TRACK indicator. Shows title parked by [NEXT TRACK] key
  • Time display - playtime is shown in minutes, seconds and in tenth parts of seconds. Time information can be switched over by use of the [TIME] key between total play time (ELAPSED), remaining title play time (REMAIN) and total remaining play time (TOTAL).
  • BPM-value indicator - here the BPM value taken from the ID3-Tag of the loaded title is shown.
  • Pitch value in percents
  • Pitch mode - according to the chosen mode in the program panel, you can see if the changes of speed chosen mode will work with or without change of the sound level (Master-Tempo).
  • Mode of the Jog Wheel
  • Current position of the beam
  • Title display - shows the current loaded title and the interpreter from the MP3 file's ID3-Tag. The display scrolls automatically when the files cannot be completely presented.
  • Displays the four figures additional systems and do the following functions: Single-/ Continous Play, Shuffle and Repeat.
  • Displays the Loop-Sampler
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Control Elements of the RCP-2001-B

Jog shuttle wheel
BPM Studio allows you to use a lot of the Jog shuttle wheel functions easily and ergonomically. The external ring and the internal disc are very responsive. If the ring is moved farther i.e. if the internal wheel is moved more quickly so more quickly will be made parameter modification of the player. You can influence on play of loaded i.e. played title with the use of wheel. You can move the loaded title forward or in the reverse direction using the external ring. According to the turn angle of the ring, there are 3 different search speeds available (+1, +2, +3 or -1, -2, -3) and step mode where you can play the title in 1 minute increments (+min or -min). If the player is in Pause mode or in Cue mode, then the Cue point can be set exactly using the internal disc. If the player is in play mode, then the title can be slowed down with the internal disc or accelerated by using Pitch Bend.

Cue key

Pressing this key moves the player back to the last Cue-point and goes into Pause mode. Press the Cue key longer than one second and the player then moves to the beginning of the title or by pressing one second again will move it to the current Cue.

Play key

Pressing this key starts the player from the current position (i.e. the Cue-point). If the Play button is pressed again, the player goes into Pause mode. The current start position of the player is stored as the Cue point and can be started again with [Cue] key any time.

Loop-Player (not active in the BPM Studio LE)

The Loop-Player lets you repeat a programmable sequenz as many times as you want unrestricted. Enter- and exit points can be set on-the-fly. Any Loop can be saved on a DirectCue button and is even after a restart of the system available.

Pitch-Bend keys

Using these keys, you can temporarily increase or decrease the play speed. These keys are an indispensable tool for synchronizing the second title's Beats.


By activating the LOAD key, the next title in the Playlist is put in the Player.

Track Selector

You can move inside the playlist using the Track Selector. A full turn of the ring advances 24 titles down the list. If you navigate through really big lists, it is recommended that you do it through simultaneous pressing and turning of the button. By pressing the button, a title will be chosen and loaded in the player.

DirectCue key 1 to 6 (not active in BPM Studio LE)

The DirectCue buttons allow you to save up to 6 arbitrary s in a title on-the-fly as Cue Points. This points can be started with the single push of a CirectCue button.

Archive keys (not active in BPM Studio LE)

With the button [ARCHIVE] the Jog Wheel is switched in the File Archive Mode. With another button you switch in the Playlist Archive Mode. By pressing the button again you switch back to the Search Mode.

Time key

with this key you can replace displayed play time in the display of total play time (ELAPSED) by display of the rest of title play time (REMAIN) and the rest of total play time of the playlist (COMPLETELY).

Mode key

With this key, you can make programming for four additional functions Single/ Continous Play, Shuffle and Repeat.

- Continous Play:

If this mode of the work is activated, the next title of playlist will be automatically loaded and played at the end of current title.

- Single Play:

If this mode of the work is activated, the next title of playlist will be automatically loaded but not played at the end of current title.

- Shuffle:

Playlist will be palyed in coincidental order. Every modification of playlist provokes a new coincidental play of titles in the list as long as this mode is active.

- Repeat:

If this function is active, then playlist is played without end. If this function is switched off, then player stops playing after the last title of the list.

Set key

(also BPM Match key) The current BPM value of each other player (Master) is taken over by pressing SET key in the standard mode. "Match Hold" acts in this way that Pitch change of Master Player will change at the same time the Pitch of Slave Payer.

Tempo key

Press this key to change play speed without modification of pitch. TEMPO - LED indicates Master-Tempo function. Attention! Pitch range is changing when closing Master tempo function. Please read also information contained in chapter "Player" of this manual.

Pitch key

Using this key, you can set the speed of play confirming by [Pitch regulator]


The BRAKE function simulates braking down to 0 or push of a turn-table. Effect is done if the BRAKE function is on and the title will started or stopped using [PLAY] key. As long as title starts or stops you can slow down or stop play with use of internal disc of Jog Wheel.

Sample player

Using these keys you can start samples 1-9 of Sample Player. The Sample Player manages up to 9 Samples which are ready immediately for playback by pressing a button. The Sample Player consits of nine numeric keys each of them can be occupied with a sample. Pressing any of these keys plays the sample.

Sampler control

With two keys [<] and [>] you can assign output of Sample Player to the Player A or Player B. It is necessary only if the Sample Player has no own sound card channel assigned or only two output channels are at disposal (according to hardware and software configuration of your system). [0] key stops playing of all samples.

Preview Player's control

If the Sample Player is in Pause mode, that means, if no sample is played, you can start Preview Player of file archive using [0] key. Now, selected title will be played on the monitor channel and can be heard irrespectively of running program. In this mode, [<] and [>] keys work as fast forward and fast reverse.

Fade Control (not active in the BPM Studio LE)

Three buttons control the automatic crossfader.
[AUTO] switches the Autofade Mode on or off. The button [FADE] applies the adjusted Fade Progression on the current title. With the [MODE] button is it possible to switch among the 6 different presets of Fade Progressions.

Reverse side sockets

Fade start socket

This socket usually works with all mixers available with fade start function as for example of Pioneer series. Connect (3,6 mm stereo jack) plug of Remote Control Unit using universal cable to your mixer.

How it works:

Both players are controlled by separated 3 mm stereo jack. Player starts by locking of the contact S1 (temporarily or constantly) and stops when contact S2 is locked (temporarily or constantly). Through program options you can activate fade start and also stop separate fade.

Remote start input (P. START)

This input works with mixers through Remote Start function (or Puls Start) as for example some Behringer's models). Both players will be controlled using one contact. Connections to the mixer are mostly accomplished as 6,3 mmm - mono jack. Connection to BPM Studio Remote Control Unit RCP-1001 under RCP-2001can be made through a 3 mm stereo jack.

How it works:

The Player A is started by locking of the contact A and is stopped by locking it once more. The same is valid for the Player B and contact B. Through program options you can activate fade start and also stop separate fade.

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